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Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks

Sale price$23.00 Regular price$29.00

BB LAB Skin Health Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks
Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Sale price$23.00 Regular price$29.00
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Content capacity 2g x 30 packets
Country of manufacture Republic of Korea
Manufacturer Cosmaxnbt Co., Ltd. 127-16, Deokpyeong-ro 663beon-gil, Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea Co., Ltd.Biorosette 37-6, Ucheonsaneopdanji-ro, Ucheon-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea
Best before date 24 months from date of manufacture
Raw material name Low molecular fish collagen, powdered crystalline glucose, dextrin, glycine, mixed berry extract powder [dextrin, mixed berry extract {blackberry extract (from Chile), blackcurrant extract (from New Zealand), blueberry extract, strawberry extract, raspberry extract}], DL malic acid, blueberry flavor (sugar, synthetic flavor), mixed fruit extract powder [dextrin, mixed fruit extract (from Israel)], beetroot powder, vitamin C, strawberry flavor (dextrin, lactose, synthetic flavor, pectin), L-proline, enzyme-treated stevia, silicon dioxide, nicotinamide, hyaluronic acid mixed preparation (dextrin, hyaluronic acid), elastin hydrolyzate (produced in France), sucralose (sweetener), vitamin A mixed powder (dextrin, Arabic Contains gum, cornstarch, vitamin A acetate, DL-α-tocopherol), lactic acid bacteria mixed powder, dried yeast, milk, and soybeans
Consumer safety precautions Take 1 sachet once a day, either directly or with water. 1) Check the expiration date before taking, and follow the directions and dosage. 2) If you have a specific constitution or allergy, please check the ingredients before taking. 3) If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medication, please consult a specialist before taking this product. 4) If any abnormality occurs, please discontinue use and consult a specialist. 5) This product is not intended to prevent or treat diseases. Individual responses may vary.

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Vania W.
United States United States

I woke up like this!

So I noticed how great this worked when I forgot to take it at night. This stuff makes me wake up looking hydrated and my skin looks plump from within. The one time I did not drink at night, my skin still looked dehydrated. It taste great and its so easy to take. I highly recommend it

Vania W.
United States

I woke up like this!

I seriously wake up looking hydrated and plump! My fine lines are not really visible because of this collagen! Super easy to use and mess free with the individual packets. The flavor reminds me of kool aide and the texture is fine. I actually enjoy drinking this nightly.

Lei T.
United States United States

Best collagen on the market!

Not only has my skin smoothed out and become more even and glowy since taking this collagen, but my sleep is better too! My hair seems to be getting thicker and my nails are stronger than they have ever been. I love taking this so much because it tastes just like powder candy. It’s amazing and I highly recommend it!

Nutrione US Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Review

No nasty taste!

First time trying out this mix berry flavored collagen and I'm very happy with it. I've been having a packet every night before sleep or stirred into water in the morning. It has a nice flavor, so you can mix it with anything.

Debra F.

Yummy Collagen

Love the sweet, berry-like taste of this collagen



I've been trying out this collagen for nearly a month, and wow, I can actually see a difference! My skin feels firmer, and those fine lines are getting harder to spot. Even my friends have noticed and keep asking what I've been using. Totally worth it!

Nutrione US Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Review
Nancy B.

Why I Chose Nutrione BB Lab Low Molecular Collagen with Vitamin C

I'm a woman in my early 30s, and my biggest skin issues are loss of elasticity and dryness, especially during winter. My skin becomes extremely dry, makeup doesn't adhere well, and I often experience itchiness. I was searching for a collagen product to improve skin elasticity and reduce dryness when I discovered Nutrione BB Lab's Low Molecular Collagen with Vitamin C. I chose it for three main reasons: The low molecular form meant better absorption. It contains Vitamin C, which helps improve skin tone. It's more affordable compared to other collagen products. ✶ Honest Review ✶ Taste and Scent: Initially, the tart and sweet taste of Vitamin C was quite strong, but I quickly got used to it and found it pleasant. I appreciated the natural citrus scent without any artificial fragrances. Solubility: It dissolved well in water without leaving any clumps or residue, which was convenient. It even dissolved well in cold water, so there was no need to prepare hot water. Absorption: After taking it, I felt an increase in skin elasticity and a reduction in dryness. I especially noticed my facial skin becoming more moisturized and firmer. Effects: Improvement in skin elasticity became noticeable after about a week of consistent use. I particularly loved how firm my face felt in the morning.

Nutrione US Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Review


After a friend gifted me some collagen, I was so impressed that I went and bought a bundle from their online store. It seems to absorb really well, which I guess is why the effects are so noticeable. I'm feeling less fatigued than usual, which was a pleasant surprise. It’s doing wonders for my skin and overall health, so I've made it a point to keep it up in my routine!

Nutrione US Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Review
Michael P.

It seems to be working

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of collagen for maintaining skin elasticity. After trying different brands, I chose BB Lab's low molecular weight collagen for its convenience. It's a powder, not a pill, which makes it super easy to take without water—perfect for my busy lifestyle. The mixed berry flavor is also a huge plus, not fishy at all but very refreshing. I take a packet before bed and one in the morning, aligning with the best times for skin regeneration. I've noticed my skin feels firmer, and I definitely plan to repurchase! If you’re looking for an effective and easy-to-use collagen product, give this a try!

Nutrione US Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Review

Loving This Easy, Tasty Collagen!

I've been adding this fruit-flavored collagen to my routine for a few months, and wow, what a difference! It's super easy to take and really boosts my skin's plumpness. Definitely keeping it up!

Nutrione US Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Review
Katie B.

The Amazing Effects of BB Lab! Highly Recommend

Just had to share my experience with BB Lab's low molecular collagen and vitamin C—total game-changer for my skin health. I was all in for the combo to boost my skin, especially with the high absorption rate of the low molecular collagen. The first thing that struck me was how sleek and neat the packaging was. The instructions were clear: 2g of collagen daily. The added vitamin C is a bonus, aiding collagen synthesis and overall skin health. Didn't see much change in the first week, but I wasn't discouraged—good things take time, right? About a month in, the changes were undeniable. My skin felt firmer, fine lines appeared softer, and my complexion looked brighter and more even. I also noticed my skin staying hydrated longer, a big plus since I've always battled dryness. I credit the combined power of collagen and vitamin C for these improvements. But remember, results can vary. I've seen great benefits, but it's different for everyone. Still, I can't help but recommend giving it a try!" This review condenses the original content to fit within a 300-character limit, focusing on a personal testimonial that highlights the product's benefits and acknowledges the individual variability of results.

Nutrione US Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Review

Collagen supplement

Reasonably priced. Ideal for improving joint movement and achieving healthier skin.

G C.

Top Brand in Korea for Collagen

I hear about this product being number one brand in Korea, so I decide to try. Many low molecular powder type collagens taste bad and fishy, but this one surprisingly tastes okay? It's easy to swallow, which I like. Even if you sensitive to taste, this one should be okay for you. I plan to take one sachet every night before sleep. Not sure about the effects yet, but I'm hopeful. Haha. Looks like I need to keep taking various supplements, but this one seems worth it for the price and quality.

Nutrione US Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Review

BB LAB is the best!

I've always heard about the wonders of collagen for skin elasticity but struggled with the fishy taste, mixing it into orange juice just to gulp it down. But with this product, that's a thing of the past! No fishy taste at all, and it's delicious. It absorbs quickly, and I can almost feel it working wonders on my skin, making me feel prettier with every sip. Plus, it comes in a tin, making storage a breeze. I've even tried sprinkling it on yogurt and salads, and it's great. Especially in the winter, I've realized that applying products isn't enough; ingesting beauty supplements like this collagen is crucial. I'm committed to not missing a day!

Nutrione US Good Night Collagen (Low-Molecular Weight Collagen), 30 sticks Review
G. Morgan

Love This Fish Collage

Started using this collagen and noticed my skin feels more hydrated and plump after just one day. Super convenient for travel too! Will reorder.