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Slimming Collagen, 84 tablets

Sale price$31.49 Regular price$55.00

BB LAB SIGNATURE Skin Health Slimming Collagen 84 tablets
Slimming Collagen, 84 tablets Sale price$31.49 Regular price$55.00
Content Capacity 900mg x 84 tablets(4 weeks' supply)
Country of Manufacture Republic of Korea
Best Before Date 24 months from the manufacturing date
Raw Material Name

Low-molecular fish collagen peptide GT, green tea extract, catechin, crystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, glycerin fatty acid ester, corn protein powder, gardenia green color (gardenia blue, dextrin, safflower yellow), Garcinia cambogia extract, L-carnitine, hibiscus powder extract (hibiscus powder extract, maltodextrin), BB LAB Complex (grape extract powder, L-arginine, L-glutamine, star anise extract powder, ginger extract, hematococcus extract powder, aloe vera extract powder), gardenia yellow (gardenia yellow, maltodextrin)

Contains: Fish (tilapia)

Allergy Warning: This product is manufactured in facilities that process eggs, shellfish, nuts, wheat, peanuts, soy, sesame seeds, and milk.

Consumer Safety Precautions Take 3 tablets with water per day.
1. Be sure not to exceed the recommended dose. 2. Before using this product or any dietary supplement, consult a specialist if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have children, or have any medical conditions. 3. Keep out of reach of children. 4. Do not use if the safety seal is damaged or lost.
5. Store at room temperature. 6. Do not ingest the desiccant (silica gel) inside. 7. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children should avoid consumption.
8. If you are taking medication or have liver disease, consult a doctor before use. 9. May cause side effects such as insomnia due to caffeine. 10. Be cautious of caffeine-containing foods and take them after meals. 11. Consult a specialist and discontinue use immediately if side effects occur.
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Donelle R.

It has been a great product for me.

I've been using this product for more than two weeks, and it's packed with fat-dissolving enzymes, so I take three pills right after meals. The pills are not too big, making them easy to swallow with water. Now for the million-dollar question—does it help with weight loss? Yes, it does! I used to fluctuate between 182-184 pounds, and now I've stabilized at 175 pounds, shedding over 7 pounds in just two weeks. My weight continues to decrease slowly, regardless of my diet, and I only walk about half a mile a day at work. I've also noticed my metabolism has improved. One unexpected benefit I really want to highlight is the effect on my skin. While dieting often dries out or dulls the complexion, my skin actually seems healthier now, likely due to the supportive properties of this product. In conclusion, this product truly delivers on all its promises. Highly recommend it!

Nutrione US Slimming Collagen, 84 tablets Review
Michella N.

A Weight Loss & Fat Burner That You Can Count On

I've been using BB Lab's Slimming Collagen for about two weeks and honestly, I'm seeing some real changes in my weight. I was in a bit of a plateau despite sticking to my diet and exercise plan, but this product seems to be giving me that extra push. I've tightened up my diet even more and slightly cut back on workouts. I take three pills every night before bed, and I started noticing some weight changes after about a week. I stepped up my workout frequency as I began to see progress, and now, two weeks in, the difference is definitely more noticeable. Remember, you've got to combine this with a solid diet and exercise routine to see real results—it's not a miracle worker, but it does provide a nice boost. And a bonus I didn't expect? My skin feels more hydrated and firmer. I've been getting compliments on how good I look lately, which is a great plus! If you're looking to tackle both weight management and skin health, I'd totally recommend giving BB Lab's collagen a shot.

Nutrione US Slimming Collagen, 84 tablets Review

Real results

I've been taking this for about 15 days, and I've already dropped about 2.2 pounds. The most noticeable change is how light and refreshed I feel each morning when I wake up. Despite the modest weight loss, I've seen significant reduction in bloating, and my stomach definitely feels flatter. I'm really looking forward to seeing the full effects after a complete month. So far, it's been a great addition to my routine!

Nutrione US Slimming Collagen, 84 tablets Review
Cody Lu.

Won’t skip a day

I'm a woman in my late 40s, and like many, I'm managing some health issues like metabolic syndrome and hypothyroidism. My weight usually hovers between 137-139 lbs and tends to shift a bit every day. Day 1: Started at 135.1 lbs, climbed to 137.3 lbs by bedtime. The next morning, I was down to 136.4 lbs. Noticed a slight drop after a night's sleep. Day 2: Ate well, and my weight peaked at 139.7 lbs by night. After taking the BB Lab Slimming Collagen, it dropped to 137.5 lbs by morning, losing 2.2 lbs overnight. Day 3: Began at 137.5 lbs, increased to 140.4 lbs, and then down to 138.2 lbs the following morning, shedding 2.2 lbs as I slept. Day 4: With a bit of diet control, ended at 139.5 lbs, woke up at 136.4 lbs, a nice 3.1 lbs decrease. Day 5: Started at 136.4 lbs, reached 137.1 lbs by night, and dropped to 136.0 lbs by morning, losing 1.1 lbs overnight. Results: Definitely seeing changes overnight! As long as my health allows, I plan to keep using this. Just wish it were a bit more budget-friendly! This product is really handy for anyone looking to manage weight effectively overnight. If you're on a weight loss journey and need a little extra help at night, BB Lab Slimming Collagen could be perfect for you.

Nutrione US Slimming Collagen, 84 tablets Review
Kevin s.

Really works

Collagen? What the heck is collagen even? I didn't know, but after someone mentioned I might benefit from it, I decided to give BB Lab's Slimming Collagen pills a try. These pills have done an incredible job in not just improving how I look but also how I feel. It's no joke! They can change the quality of your skin, joints, nails, and even your sleep. I literally had no clue how impactful collagen could be. The human body is truly incredible, and how we treat it, really does matter. I appreciate how these pills make the concept of a collagen boost so simple and effective. They're great for anyone in their early thirties or even late thirties—trust me, the struggle to stay young and feel vibrant is real. These collagen pills have us on the right track to feeling and looking better. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their overall health and appearance!

Nutrione US Slimming Collagen, 84 tablets Review
Donelle R.

Easy to swallow and workgood.

Here's my quick review: Honestly, I didn't notice much myself, but recently, everyone I meet keeps asking if I've lost weight! I feel a bit lighter, though I've only used the product for a month, so I wasn't expecting dramatic results. Oh, and my skin definitely looks clearer and brighter. I'd recommend this more as a skincare product than for weight loss.