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The Collagen Powder S Season 2, 30 Sticks

Sale price$29.00 Regular price$37.00

BB LAB Skin Health The Collagen Powder S Season 2, 30 Sticks
The Collagen Powder S Season 2, 30 Sticks Sale price$29.00 Regular price$37.00
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Content Capacity 2g x 30 packets
Country of Manufacture Republic of Korea
Manufacturer COSFARM Co., Ltd. 156, Saeteo-gil, Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Best Before Date Manufactured within 1/2 of the expiry date
Raw Material Name Low-molecular fish collagen, anhydrous crystalline glucose, maltodextrin, concentrated grapefruit powder {dextrin, grapefruit concentrate (Islaenic acid)}, vitamin C, natural grapefruit flavor powder {dextrin, natural grapefruit oil flavor (natural flavor)}, Seven berry concentrate powder {blackberry concentrate (made in Germany)}, blackcurrant concentrate (made in Germany)}, beetroot juice powder, natural orange flavor powder {sodium octenylphosphate starch, orange oil (natural flavor)}, DL- Malic acid, elastin hydrolyzate (produced in the United States), citric acid anhydride, milk ceramide, silicon dioxide, enzyme-treated stevia, hyaluronic acid, hydroxylated decanate hydroxylone (dextrate decanate oxide kinase)
Consumer Safety Precautions Take 1 sachet once a day, either directly or with water. 1) Check the expiration date before taking, and follow the directions and dosage. 2) If you have a specific constitution or allergy, please check the ingredients before taking. 3) If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medication, please consult a specialist before taking this product. 4) If any abnormality occurs, please discontinue intake and consult a specialist. 5) This product is not a medicine for the prevention or treatment of diseases. Individual effects may vary.
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Nutrione US The Collagen Powder S Season 2, 30 Sticks Review

I finally found something that works.

I haven't tried many collagen products, usually stopping once the bottle is empty. This is probably my 4th attempt, and I've finally found something that works for me. By the third week of daily use, I can really see my skin texture becoming noticeably smoother! The package suggests taking one stick per day, but they're so tasty I sometimes have an extra when I want something sweet. While it hasn't been 30 days yet, I'm definitely planning to buy more. I really hope this product continues to work for me three months from now. �

Nutrione US The Collagen Powder S Season 2, 30 Sticks Review

Love any product I've tried from them.

BB LAB is amazing. Very high quality product. I have switched all my supplements and vet to them. If you want quality products then go with them. Remember when you buy quality products you will pay for it but they are worth it. 100 million% recommend

Sarah j.
Nutrione US The Collagen Powder S Season 2, 30 Sticks Review

A glow from within

Here's my personal review of the collagen product I recently purchased, hoping it might help with your decision. Reason for Purchase I bought this to help with my skin's elasticity and dryness. I really wanted to see if collagen supplements could make a difference. Delivery The collagen comes in a box with each dose individually wrapped in packets of ten. The box was a bit squished but the packets were fine. Although there is quite a bit of packaging waste, it's manageable. Expiration Date The product has a generous shelf life. It only contains 50 packets, so even if I take one daily, I'll finish them well within the expiry date. How to Take It It's super easy to use, similar to a coffee packet that you just tear open without needing scissors. You can pour it directly into your mouth. The powder is fine and dissolves quickly. Taste It's less sour compared to the same brand's night collagen, which I personally prefer since it's easier to consume. Nutritional Content Each packet contains 2g, adding up to 8 calories. It includes 3% protein and 30% Vitamin C per serving. Post-Consumption Effects Immediate effects aren't noticeable, but after consistently taking it for more than three weeks, I definitely see an improvement in my skin's texture. This review is based purely on my own purchase and experience. I also rely on reviews before buying, so I hope this helps with your choice!

Nutrione US The Collagen Powder S Season 2, 30 Sticks Review


Really like this product. Definitely seeing a positive difference in my skin. Seems to be helping my immune system as well. Only negative thing I can say is the price. This product is expensive, but worth it

Russell l.
Nutrione US The Collagen Powder S Season 2, 30 Sticks Review

Very happy with product

Awesome product just like all the life extension products that I use, theyโ€™re a great company. You could really see a difference in the fine lines, wrinkles under your eyes. The 1500mg of collagen it contains truly delivers remarkable changes.